Reshape a World.

In times of uncertainty, a small gesture of kindness can reshape a world.

Sharon Bergman, a cancer patient and mother of two, is applying unique methods of teaching her kids how to manage their Asperger syndrome, which is a form of Autism.

Experts estimate that two to six children out of every 1,000 will have Autism. Males are four times likely to have autism than females.

Through modern technology, the raising and nurturing of farm animals, particularly chickens, pigeons, rabbits and goats, Sharon has provided her children with the tools needed to thrive in their day to day lives. Her daughter Alair and son Robbie have been able to find balance within their world of autism, entering them into competitions thus attaining award winning status. Their journey, as written in Alair’s book, “My Best Friend, Goldie”, is an inspiration to families faced with the same struggles.

The NextWave team, along with the 4-H program which is the nation’s largest youth development program, took to their magical journey and befriended the Bergman family. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the Bergman family will lose their farm if action is not taken immediately. NextWave’s aim is to preserve their incredible work and provide the Bergman’s, their animals, a home to continue their efforts in finding alternative treatments for autism.

By purchasing Alair's book My Best Friend Goldie you will be able to directly benefit the Bergman's cause. Use the link below to purchase your copy today.

The NextWave Team

Source: Detroit News

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